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June 29, 2016

"An oil splash vs an Air Compressor?" I hear you say? You try illustrating air then!

Much like the playground argument of "My dad is stronger than your dad!", this one is for the devout users of either Hydraulics or Pneumatics; the ones who swear by one of the principl...

June 23, 2016

Your face after you've read this blog post. stock images are fun, aren't they?

Following on in a way from my Explaining Fluid Power to your Friends blog, where I mentioned about my perpetual struggle to explain Hydraulics and Pneumatics, this little list is compiled...

December 23, 2015

You will literally be lol'ing so hard after reading these. 


Going to a fluid power networking event? Want to make the bosses laugh? Look no further than these absolutely hilarious jokes revolving around the world of hydraulics and pneumatics. You'll be the funniest per...

July 29, 2015

One man alone handles the "pressure" of fighting crime (yes, yes.. I'm aware that's terrible!) 

Like any superhero, Hydraulics Man doesn't have it easy; the streets are amok with crime and decadence and it's down to him to keep it in check! It doesn't help however when...

June 19, 2015

Possibly coming to a comic book store/ cinema near you...?

The Flash can run at the speed of light, Batman is an extremely rich vigilante and Superman, well, he can do just about anything can't he? What about a superhero though who harnesses Fluid Power as a weapon of...

May 15, 2015

An all too familiar face.. well not this exact one!

Does the above look familiar to you?
When trying to explain the Industry I work in to my friends, this is the typical reaction I get!
Fluid Power is one of those industries which proves extremely difficult to explain...

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