Hydraulics Man: The best superhero ever...?

Possibly coming to a comic book store/ cinema near you...?

The Flash can run at the speed of light, Batman is an extremely rich vigilante and Superman, well, he can do just about anything can't he? What about a superhero though who harnesses Fluid Power as a weapon of justice? Enter Hydraulics Man: a simple Engineer who, after a generic tragic back-story, has turned to a life of fighting crime using the industry he knows all too well! With his specially made Hydraulic Suit, he's capable of the following things: Super Strength Using the power of hydraulic pressure, Hydraulics Man can lift items that are multiple times his weight. Where a usual person would struggle, using hydraulics he can lift incredibly heavy items with ease; Perfect for saving babies from under cars and stopping rogue trains in their tracks! Surviving big falls Where a normal human skeleton doesn't take well to falling off multi-storey buildings, Hydraulics Man's Hydraulic Exoskeleton (complete with multiple Hydraulic Accumulators) compensates for any spikes in pressure and absorbs the impact without damaging the system; in this instance, his body! His gadgets don't need recharging The likes of Spider-Man, Bat Man and Iron Man are powerless without their gadgetry; sooner or later they'll run out of web cartridges or fuel for their jetpacks and then, until they refill/recharge, they're helpless. Hydraulics Man however can keep fighting all day and night as force or torque under hydraulic transmission can be held constant without dimishing. No diminishing means no down-time, which also means no rest for crime! Safety in hazardous environments The Human Torch wouldn't be much help in a highly flammable environment, but Hydraulics Man would! Fluid Power can tolerate very high temperatures and is a spark free media so would be a much safer bet in a oil drenched orphanage. Go Hydraulics Man! So there you have it: the world's best superhero...? and who would his enemies be? Next week: Hydraulics Man faces off against his long-standing nemesis "Cavitation Girl" haha, get it? Because Cavitation ruins Hydraulic Gear Pumps?... oh never mind......

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