Getting the Young'uns into Fluid Power

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I'm going to be honest here, during the years of 1995-2007 when I went through the brainwashing experience known as "school" I don't think once did I ever touch on Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Looking back I would have expected it to maybe have appeared in my High school Design & Technology classes but if it did, it hasn't left an impact! The more and more I get into the world of Fluid Power the more I realise just how interesting and fascinating the idea of operating huge bits of kit that lift & carry massive weights with simply some oil or air is. Until I kind of stumbled into the world of Fluid Power by chance (When Derek Lane & Co saw my CV in 2012) it was an industry and principle that I was near oblivious to. If you have young'uns yourself with a keen curiosity for how things work, or you're trying to sway them to join the world of Fluid Power like their parents, here are a couple of little projects etc. which are quite fun and will switch on their heads to the principles of Hydraulics and Pneumatics! These projects were found on Instructables: A great website where people can post how-to's on basically anything!

Hydraulic Judo Bots!

This is a cool little project and it adds a competitive element to the learning process. These bots are made by Instructables user WYE_Lance; he also has some other great projects that involve a couple syringes, some lollipop sticks and some other basic everyday items. The Judo bots caught my eye as you can make them fight! Click this link to see the Hydraulic Judo Bots

K'nex Hydraulic Arm

I remember having K'nex as a kid (cue "only 90's kids will remember" comment). In this instructable, user kingghaffari has adapted the toy with some syringes, tubing and water to hydraulically operate an arm. I was oblivious to it at a young age, but when you see K'nex etc. being used for things like this, you realise properly that this was a toy responsible for making little engineers and mechanics! Click this link to see the K'nex Hydraulic Arm Well there you have it; a small selection of some cool projects. If fighting robots don't get your offspring into a world of Fluid Power, I hate to break it to you but I''m not sure anything will! There are plenty more awesome projects on Instructables, and not just for Fluid Power. There's a lot of clever bods on this website and there'll be guaranteed to be something you wanna try. (Disclaimer: I'm not endorsed by Instructables, the world's best website library for user-created projects, in any way shape or form.... no seriously. I'm not!)

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