Parker P1D Cylinder Stroking now at Derek Lane & Co

A typical P1D Cylinder.

Derek Lane & Co have recently just been appointed as a Parker Express cylinder Centre. With our 24hr Stroking service we can quickly assist you with whatever odd length stroke you may require. All express cylinders are manufactured, assembled and tested by our certified engineers using the same high quality components used in a Parker P1D-S cylinder. The P1D is a standard format ISO/VDMA Pneumatic Cylinder that offers the following features: • Available in 32 - 125mm bores • Stroke lengths up to 2800mm • PUR seals for a longer service life • Drop-in sensors • Corrosion-resistant design • Magnetic Piston as standard • Lubricated with food grade grease Call our Sales Office today on 01626 831400 for more information!

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