Hydraulics Man: His top 4 nemeses!

One man alone handles the "pressure" of fighting crime (yes, yes.. I'm aware that's terrible!)

Like any superhero, Hydraulics Man doesn't have it easy; the streets are amok with crime and decadence and it's down to him to keep it in check! It doesn't help however when there are a bunch of super villains whose powers are based on his weaknesses (always the way, eh?) To name a few of the biggest villains, our hydraulic hero has to fight with the likes of: Professor Pressure One of the top minds on Fluid Power who used to teach at a prestigeous university, now corrupted and using his knowledge on pressurised fluid to do his evil bidding! Professor Pressure's most iconic power is his ability to decrease or increase any fluid's pressure at his own will; this causes problems for Hydraulics Man as drops in pressure in a hydraulic system generate heat, and when hydraulic fluid overheats it damages seals and degrades oil. Hydraulics Man spends a lot of money on new seals and oil after fights with Professor Pressure! Unfiltered Oil Man Not the most glamorous of villain names (...or is it?), Unfiltered Oil Man was once a simple engineer who, when once inspecting a Hydraulic System Tank, accidentally fell in. His boss had cut corners when installing the hydraulic system and hadn't put proper filtration methods in place for the oil! The contaminated oil fused with this poor engineer's bloodstream and with that, Unfiltered Oil Man was born. He now runs havoc in the street and targets local factories with hydraulic systems, destroying their filters in a jealous rage and contaminating the entire city! Luckily, Hydraulics Man's Hydraulic Suit includes multiple Micron Filters to help fight against contaminated oil entering his suit! Cavitation Girl Not much is know about her past, but Cavitation girl is deadly! Some say she was a nameless orphan who was conscripted by guerilla forces, where she was trained in covert ops as a child soldier! The stealthy saboteur is known to work closely with Professor Pressure and is responsible for the destruction of many hydraulic gear pumps in the top hydraulic systems of the city. After a pressure drop she introduces vapour cavities into the system which, upon reaching higher pressure areas (normally around vital parts in the pump), collapse and basically cause mini explosions which takes chunks out of the pump. Over time a continuous attack of cavitation will render the pump useless, and cause trouble for the hydraulic system! Hydraulics Man has to take extra care when Cavitation Girl is around as her effects aren't instantly apparent. He may not realise until much later in another fight when his hydraulic suit quits on him! The EnvironMentalist A vigilante who is jealous of Hydraulics Man's limelight and jealousy is an ugly beast! His sole objective is to defame Hydraulics Man. He carries out schemes to make the city turn on their hydraulic hero through using PR smear campaigning; The EnvironMentalist once poured thousands of gallons of used ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil into the city's river and blamed it on Hydraulics Man, however he was rumbled when it was discovered to not be the grade of oil that Hydraulics Man uses! He was fined millions of pounds by the Environment Agency and imprisoned for his act of terrorism but has somehow recently escaped under mysterious circumstances and has gone into hiding... Hydraulics Man complies to the proper disposal of Hydraulic Oil and makes sure that the citizens of the city are educated in the proper environmental law regarding Hydraulics; good on you, Hydraulics Man! Fighting Crime: it's a dirty job. Luckily Hydraulic Engineering can get quite dirty so Hydraulics Man is used to it.... haha....ha, ahem. So yeah, see you next week, Superhero fans!

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