Customer Profile: Bob Petersen Engineering

The hills are alive with the sound of Supercharged 4.5 litre Bentleys...

Following on from previous posts where we've looked at trying to explain what Fluid Power is and examples of Fluid Power in popular culture, we are now taking a look at some of the weird and wonderful places that our products end up in! First up in our series of customer profiles is Bob Petersen Engineering in the heart of Devon; amongst the innocent greenery of the Westcountry lies a worldwide name in the vintage car market. For over 30 years Bob and his employees have been restoring, rebuilding and modifying vintage Bentleys for a global customer base; manufacturing many of the replacement parts on-site. "We restore 5 cars a year" says Bob, "now that doesn't sound very much but it is a complete rebuild; from bare chassis all the way through with new bodywork and whatever the customer wants". With 3 years' worth of work already backed up, the company provides great job security its 15 employees. Working on vintage supercars for a living: that doesn't sound too bad does it?

Inside the workshop; various parts and fittings fill the drawers which go into these luxury machines!

"I started off working for someone else doing this job. That person retired in the early 80s and I inherited his customers and carried on by myself" Bob retells. "From there onwards the company grew and grew to where we stand today. All my customers are worldwide and I'd say about 60% of my business is export." The majority of the work is run from their premises apart from a couple of industrial units close by which focuses more on the engine building and a paint shop. The engines are where we enter the mix: Derek Lane & Co supply various Hydraulic Hose assemblies that are fitted into the Bentley engines for various purposes; if you get to see one of the Petersen Bentley Specials up close and in person, chances are our hoses are in it! For more info on Bob Petersen engineering, and all those lovely Bentleys, have a look at their website.

Some of our hoses in a current build.

I bet you didn't know that! An extremely interesting end product which serves as a great example the next time you get asked what Fluid Power Products are... Keep an eye out for the next in our series of customer profiles to find out more about where Fluid Power components end up!

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