The Workshop Round-up!

It's like a fashion blog, but the only clothing being shown off is our engineers' jumpsuits!

Seeming as we get involved in pretty much anything fluid powered somewhere along the line, it can be extremely difficult to effectively get across everything we do! Alongside this one of the most common phrases we hear on a day to day basis is "I didn't know you did that!" A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes, so here are some pictures... and videos... and some words... (ahem.) on what's being going on in our workshops recently!

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

"All "rams" bright and beautiful, All Cylinders great and small. Broken or inoperable, Derek Lane & Co service them all..."

In regards to day-to-day workshop life, hydraulic cylinder repairs are our bread and butter; to keep lifting those heavy weights that not even the world's strongest man can lift, a service is required every now and then to make sure everything is in working order. From the likes of replacing a busted seal to a complete rehaul (within economic reason!), this is second nature to our engineers!

A Massive Hydraulic Power Pack

This monster has been in our workshops the week of writing this post for a service; it wasn't that long ago we saw it previous because it was designed and built by our technical and engineering departments! This particular hydraulic power pack in question has a 650l reservoir with 2 hydraulic pumps, both capable of 155Lpm @ 120 BAR! It is currently being upgraded with additional safety features for our customer so keep an eye on our facebook page for more on this as it develops!

Machined Hydraulic Couplings

This particular arrangement cannot be bought normally but was best suited to our customer's needs... not a problem for our engineers! These were machined in house and look rather fancy too. Charlie, the engineer who machined these hydraulic fittings, has gladly lent his hands to the above video; what do you reckon, a career in hand modelling ahead?

37kw Air Compressor run & set up

Air Compressors sales and servicing are one of the more common sparks for "I didn't know you did that!" but we very much do! Derek Lane & Co are official ABAC Air Compressor suppliers and servicers so next time you're looking for a new air compressor or a service for your ABAC compressor, give us a call! This particular one is a whopping 37kw screw compressor which our engineers have been testing and setting up before sending out to our customer this week. In addition, our engineers have been testing a remote control box that will be operating this and 2 other air compressors! A pretty fancy operation but just another day in the DL workshops... The particular image above is a still from our next video that we are working on with Province Media; stay peeled over the next month on our social media activity to find out more!

Shot of the compressor being picked up from here with its 5000 litre receiver!

This has been a hand picked selection of some of the more diverse goings on from the workshop this month. For more information on the engineering services available, don't forget to check our engineering page or contact us for more info; don't forget to also keep an eye on the blog for more posts like this!

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