A Hydraulic Cautionary Tale: Don't be tempted by Cheap Hydraulic Hose!

Coming soon to a B-Movie bargain bin near you!

We've all heard of "You get what you pay for", right? Everyone knows that if you spend a little more money on a product, you should get one of much better quality; we've all got that one brand that we're all too happy to fork out more dosh for as we're confident in what we get is a good product...

On the other side of the coin, who doesn't love a good ol' bargain? Let's face it, everyone wants something for nothing! There's definitely a lot of fun in finding a cheeky bargain (that's why I'm on eBay every night looking for cheap guitars!) but the line between a good deal and a cheap product can get muddied very quickly!

Cheap products fulfil a purpose for a short while but inevitably you'll be buying it again sooner or later... This is okay for the likes of clothing but it's not the best tact for say, a car: a £200 banger which you'll inevitably either spend a deal on repairing later, or when you scrap/sell it you'll be most likely buying a new car and paying extra fees that you already paid for the old one!

A hydraulic system, like most things, is only as effective as the sum of its parts; if somewhere along the line corners are cut with cheaper products, it's going to affect the overall synergy. Hoses can go a little underappreciated at times but they are essentially the veins of the system; they're responsible for getting oil at a pressure of about 100x that of a car tyre all the way from the reservoir to the components and back again... that tyre would have burst long ago! With that in mind, it's startling the amount of people we've had come into our Parker Store with cheaply made hydraulic hoses of unidefntified brand with rather sizely bursts in them, which most likely happened in a scenario similar to below:

On the surface it doesn't look all that bad, you just need a new hose and some replacement oil, right? Well depending on your surrounding it could have been a lot worse!

We can't promise that will never happen to you ever, but a good quality hose with the correct fittings will vastly reduce the probability (providing you've the right hose for your system, but that's a topic for another time...); when you buy a hose assembly from us, we can guarantee you that at least! We only provide quality Parker hydraulic hose with the matching Parker hose fittings so when you leave our stores you're assured you have a product that is made up of parts designed to be used together. Can you guarantee the same for a hose bought off the back of a van? To sum up this cautionary tale, a hydraulic hose should be viewed with the "you get what you pay for" mentality, but we see it all too often viewed in the "cheap and cheerful, anything'll do!" mindset. When it all goes wrong, you may not be the victim... but your bank account will be!

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