Hydraulics Man and the Fluid Power Rangers!

Watch out evil, there's a new team on the block!

After nearly 10 months of peace, crime has started to rear its ugly head again!

Dark forces have been closely observing Hydraulics Man as he watches over the city; They've figured out the chinks in his armour as it were and now pose a much deadlier threat to him...

Desperate times lead to drastic action and through this turmoil, the Fluid Power Rangers are formed! A group of superheroes which compliment Hydraulics Man's weaknesses to make a well-rounded fluid power force. You already know about Hydraulics Man so we'll skip straight to the rest of the rangers!

Kid Pneumatics

A young genius who, after watching Hydraulics Man in action, has found ways of using pneumatic power to clean up his city; He is no way near as strong as Hydraulics Man but he is a lot quicker to react! Kid Pneumatics is sent out to skirmishes in the city's food & beverage companies where hydraulic oil would taint the produce; he has to act fast however as his window of crime fighting opportunity is a lot smaller... once his compressed air supply is spent, he needs to wait for his compressors to make more!

The Engineer

The Engineer has been in the Fluid Power business since 1979 (coincidentally the same length of time as Derek Lane & Co..) and can fix anything hydraulic or pneumatic that can be fixed. After Cavitation Girl destroyed his family's factory by ruining the hydraulic pumps beyond repair, The Engineer vowed to get his revenge... He now works at FPR HQ and directly oversees the heroes' power suits, repairing any damage sustained or implementing new components to help them fight crime more effectively.

Baroness Process

A wild card in the Fluid Power Rangers ranks but my gosh, she gets results! The Baroness is the heiress in a long standing prestigious family who has grown tired of her many servants waiting hand and foot for her. She seeks her own fun.. if not a little destructive! Her forté is using different fluids to handle various situations so she works closely with The Engineer to tailor the tubing on her suit to work with the correct fluid. Hostages in a vault? She dons her Acid tubing. Recovering alcoholic terrorists? Food grade tubing and a tank full of beer. Whatever the situation, Baroness Process has a solution!

Technical Director Lane

Every organisation needs a director or two, even superheroes!

Not much is known about the Director's background and he'd like to keep it that way; what is known however is his vital role in the Fluid Power Rangers. Director Lane deals mostly with a lot of the rangers' PR and most importantly listens to the pleas of the city; taking on board what the problem is, what's required to solve it and then sending out the right rangers for the job (a lot like our technical team make bespoke solutions to your requirement...)


The Fluid Power Rangers' activity within their city has attracted the further afield attention of the country's military, so much so the Navy have sent Corporal D. Stanley, one of their own, to be trained by them... Def-Stan works closely with the other rangers to help keep the evil forces at bay, as well as find ways he can better supply the navy with fluid power solutions to combat matters of national security and global crises; all the while conforming to the navy's defence standards. (sound familiar?)

Together, these 6 individuals work to find the best ways to save the day; Each evil they face challenges the rangers differently but with their combined efforts, they always come through with a solution to the problem.... Just who is Technical Director Lane? When will The Engineer get his justice? How come these characters are based around the different services Derek Lane & Co offer? All will be revealed in the next issue!

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